Mary Kaklamanakis just got a new kidney from her nephew Anthony Miaoulis. He wanted to be a living kidney donor for Mary because she helped care for his father, her brother, in his last days.

Anthony “gave me my life back,” Mary says.

Miaoulis, a dental student in Phoenix, said the kidney donation was his “ultimate thank you” to his aunt, who lives in Boca Raton, Florida, for her help during the final two months of his dad’s life.

Mary left her family and moved to Nassau in the Bahamas to help teenage Anthony and his dad.

“She was there by his side every day and took me to school and fed me dinner,” Miaoulis said of his aunt. “I guess I never really got a chance to say thank you.”

I think you worked it out, Anthony. In an interesting twist, the surgery was scheduled for the anniversary of Anthony’s dad’s death.

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