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Some people take that “in sickness and in health” thing very seriously. Enter Rodney Ford, whose beloved wife, Syrita, needed a kidney transplant. He offered to be tested as a living kidney donor, but she thought he was just being nice. Then he matched.

“It was like winning the lottery,” he said. “Here it was, I wanted to give my wife a kidney and, oh my gosh, this was really going to happen.”

The kidney transplant surgery was a success, though they’ve had some rejection scares since. Today, life is good.

“I really cannot stay mad at him long, ever, anymore,” Syrita said. “It’s just because I have the gift of life now. How can you be mad at the person who has given you life?”

“For me it seems our marriage has a lot more peace,” he said. “Really, ever since hearing that she was going to outlive her kidneys, I don’t get as angry over things.”

Congrats on your new lives, Ford family!