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Antonio’s Kitchen makes some amazing cakes. The Gift of Life cake is a tribute to everyone who has strugged with kidney disease. Amazing. If you have a Facebook account, you can see a full gallery of the cake here.

Two artists at a South Wales tattoo shop are affected by kidney disease and are doing a monthly fundraiser where you get get a kidney bean or other small tattoo for a low, low price, and the money all goes the Kidney Wales Foundation. Fun!

Adorable. Longtime friends from Cherokee, Iowa, describe themselves as brothers, like Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Twins.” The little one gives the big one a kidney, and then they punch each other in the arm. OK, I simplified, but that’s the basic deal.

China says it’s phasing out the use of executed prisoners’ organs in transplants. That’s a good thing, because there was some evidence that they were executing particular prisoners to get the organs. The story says they’re now relying on non-prisoner deceased donors. No word on living donors.

Today I got to talk with my co-worker’s sister, who just had someone offer to test for her so that she can have a transplant. Nice gal. I really hope it all comes together for her.

She found a crazy stranger, just like I was. I always tell people in need of a kidney that you just need one crazy stranger.

It’s been four years and two months since I gave my spare to a stranger in Brooklyn, NY. He posts photos on his Facebook page of himself doing what he loves, and it makes me really happy.

Was it a good idea to have a major organ removed from my body and given to someone I didn’t know? It was the best idea.