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Antonio’s Kitchen makes some amazing cakes. The Gift of Life cake is a tribute to everyone who has strugged with kidney disease. Amazing. If you have a Facebook account, you can see a full gallery of the cake here.

Lots of people made a recent 14-kidney transplant swap come together. First, the family of Jennifer Whitford, who decided to donate her kidneys when she was tragically killed.

One of those kidneys went to Ralph Wolfe’s wife, Brenda, taking Ralph off the hook for donating in a planned swap. But just as on a recent episode of transplant drama “Three Rivers,” Ralph said, “Nope. People are counting on me. I’m donating anyway.”

That decision facilitated 13 more transplants.

“Who was I to say a precious daughter died and gave my wife life, and I’m going to hold on to this kidney just in case?” he said just after meeting Gary Johnson, who now has his kidney.

Said Gary:

“Tomorrow, no dialysis. I love Ralph.”

I love Ralph, too. Congratulations to everyone involved in these kidney transplants.

Billy the Kidney’s writing today about an Australian reality show about organ transplants called “The Gift.” I don’t suppose that it’s coming to Netflix, but what a great idea for a show with built-in pathos.

To its credit, the one previous series of this program is credited with a 40% increase in organ donor registrations in Australia – off an admittedly low base figure, given that Australia has one of the worst figures in the Western world for organ donations.

Show it here, show it here!

CBS has a new hospital show for fall called “Three Rivers” that will feature transplant stories, according to the L.A. Times’ Show Tracker entertainment blog.

Created by Carol Barbee (“Jericho” and “Swingers”), “Three Rivers” is set in a preeminent transplant hospital in Pittsburgh and centers on the lives of the organ donors, the recipients and the healthcare workers who care for them. Each story is told from those three points of view.

I’m crossing my fingers for minimal crazy complications that will scare potential living donors. But more conversation about transplants is fantastic.