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article gives a good overview of living kidney donation
in the UK, especially for potential living donors who’d like to
donate to a stranger. Check it out.

Thanks to an alert reader, I learned that the above is a sidebar to the real article, the story of Di Franks, who recently pushed through the system to donate one of her kidneys to a stranger. Until pretty recently, donation by strangers was not allowed in the UK.

“I wanted to change someone’s life, I had two perfectly healthy kidneys so why shouldn’t someone have one of mine.”

The article is worth a read. Lots of great quotes from Di. She didn’t get to meet her recipient but knows that he or she is doing well.

Congrats to Di Franks for swimming upstream and doing something extraordinary.

Jose Barrientos and Brad Tarrance teach together at an elementary school. They got to talking at a party, and when she learned that Jose needed a kidney transplant, Brad’s wife, Lindsay, offered to be a living kidney donor.

“I wasn’t expecting that,” Barrientos said. “It was just, you know, an angel. Why we crossed paths? Maybe this was the reason.”

Their surgery is today. Crossing my fingers!

The Kidney Transplant Donor Risk Index Calculator (Medical) iPhone/iPad app calculates the risk for an individual to be a living kidney donor. Turns out there are a lot of kidney related apps on iTunes. Who knew?