Here are some FAQs about being a living kidney donor that I found helpful.

- Mayo Clinic


Gift of Life Network

Here are answers to things people asked me.

- I wanted to help someone, because I am grateful for my own good health and good fortune.

- I didn’t know my recipient, but I know him now. He is a gift to my life.

- Seriously, it didn’t hurt. I just felt a little stiff, as though I’d overexerted during a workout.*

- Surgery was Thursday. Friday, I went out for dinner with my friends. Saturday I was power-shopping in Manhattan.*

- I was off work for two weeks, which is pretty typical. I really could have gone back after one, though.

- We’re both as healthy as one-kidney horses, thanks for asking.

- I’d do it again tomorrow.

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*Most people spend two to three days in the hospital and have a certain amount of pain. The people I know who had the same surgeon I did had the same easy-peasy result, so pain and recovery time may depend on the surgeon and style of procedure s/he thinks is best. Ask your surgeon what to expect.